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Happy Hour Roundup

* Obama’s Arab Spring speech took the middle ground between advisers who were divided over how far he should go on Israel.

* His comments about 1967 lines — widely atttacked by the right as a major expression of hostility towards Israel — did make news in the subtle sense that they removed some “ambiguity” about U.S. policy.

* Ezra Klein takes the Beltway Deficit Feedback Loop to the ultimate conclusion: It’s even bad for deficit reduction . Click through for the details.

* Ruy Teixeira theorizes that the many Democrats playing along with Beltway deficit mania are either too weak to resist elite media pressure or too uninterested in facts and policy details to care.

* E.J. Dionne gets this right: John Boehner is dragging us to the brink of debt ceiling armageddon to make it easier to sell conservatives on the inevitable compromise later. This has been Boehner’s strategy all along.

* Sam Stein has the rundown on all the sensible things Mitch Daniels has done on health reform that will now cause him major turbulence if he enters the GOP primary.

* Atrios on how Nancy Pelosi, unlike some fellow Dems, understands the politics of Medicare perfectly.

* Joan McCarter urges Dems to adopt Pelosi’s messaging: “We have a plan. It’s called Medicare.”

* Digby, commenting on Pelosi’s hard line, notes hopefully: “Finally -- the Democrats have awakened to the fact that Paul Ryan’s plan is the best thing that ever happened to them.”

* With the special election in NY-26 coming down to the wire, voters are having trouble figuring out which candidate is the one who wants to cut Medicare.

* Mitch McConnell, who has previously enforced an extraordinary level of caucus discipline, says GOP senators nervous about voting for the Paul Ryan Medicare plan are free to go their own way.

*Ouch! Senator Tom Coburn, who is respected by conservatives, tells Gingrich to “keep his mouth shut.”

* And today in Newtian megalomania: Gingrich opines that the media’s problem is that it isn’t quite capable of grasping his “big ideas.”

What else is happening?

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