* Mitt Romney’s new video announcing his presidential exploratory committee makes no mention of Romneycare — an accomplishment that used to be viewed as his key qualification for national office.

.And though Romney heaps tons of criticsm on Obama, he doesn’t mention Obamacare at all, another suggestion he'd have a tough time taking on Obama over health care, even though it’s expected to be central in 2012.

* One wonders if Romney will be attending the ceremony in Massachusetts tomorrow honoring Romneycare’s fifth anniversary.

* As Steve Benen notes, it’s kind of telling that Romney may have time dthe announcement of a step the presidency in part to distract from the anniversary of his most important achievement in elected office.

* Meanwhile, Democrats in other key states are also holding birthday celebrations thanking Romney for coming up with the idea at the core of Federal health reform.

* Josh Marshall on how Dems could seize the initiative by calling for a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling. No conditions. Just raise it.

* Forget the shutdown: John Boehner is going to have a far tougher time controlling the unruly Tea Party wing of the party when the debt ceiling fight heats up.

* This should get interesting: GOP Rep. Darrell Issa is bringing Scott Walker to Capitol Hill to testify about what a success his rollback of public employee bargaining rights has proven, even though it hasn’t even become law yet.

* Don’t get too excited about this, but it appears the story about those “found” votes in the Wisconsin state Supreme Court race is far from over, and doubts remain.

* Still, the numbers appear to match up.

* The White House revises its explanation for Obama’s 2006 opposition to raising the debt ceiling.

* David Corn says what must not be said: It’s not Serious at all to talk about the deficit without also talking about all that spending on defense and overseas wars.

* Today in Beltway folly: Sam Stein on how the budget deal will scale back the hiring of new IRS agents — potentially leading to diminished collection of tax revenues far exceeding the money saved.

* A new CNN poll finds Dems and Obama get more credit for the budget deal averting a government shutdown, suggesting their strategy may have succeeded in establishing themselves as more interested in compromise than the GOP.

* Also: The only group opposing the deal are self-identified Republicans and Tea Partyers.

* And why did Congressional Democrats find out about Obama’s plans for the deficit reduction speech only when David Plouffe announced it on the Sunday shows?

What else is happening?