* Obama, in his interview with ABC News, concedes that his 2006 vote against raising the debt ceiling was “political,” and not in the best interests of the country.

* Paul Krugman on the lesson commentators should take away from the contrast between the Paul Ryan and Obama spending plans:

I’d like to think that a lesson was learned — that seriousness and bipartisanship cannot be defined as Republicans demanding everything their way, and Democrats caving in. But we’ll see.

* Breaking: The House and Senate both pass the $38 billion spending cut compromise, officially averting a government shutdown.

* So much for that House conservative “rebellion” on the spending cut deal: Nearly 70 percent of House GOP freshmen voted for it, suggesting they’re mostly lining up behind John Boehner.

* Indeed, as Digby notes, all that talk about Tea Party Republicans allegedly defecting and undermining Boehner’s leadership is pleasing spin, but it’s all B.S.

* House Dems did everything they could to force Republicans to own the spending cuts.

* The result: More than half of House Dems broke with Obama and opposed the deal, including Nancy Pelosi, who says House Dems have “no ownership” of the deal

* Not backin’ down: Despite GOP criticism, incoming DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not retracting her claim that the Ryan plan is a “death trap for seniors.”

* Uh oh: Tea Party Senators are privately pressuring Mitch McConnell to agree to filibuster a debt ceiling hike if it isn’t paired with all the spending cuts they want, suggesting conservatives are not going to give GOP leaders much breathing room in the debt ceiling fight.

* Smart post from Dave Weigel on how the fact that we’re even talking about the debt ceiling at all is “a case study of how conservatives decide what Washington debates,” and how Dems haplessly play along.

* Potential 2012 hopeful Mitch Daniels must be ecstatic about the fact that Scott Walker is now citing him as an “inspiration” and a “model” for what he’s doing in Wisconsin.

* Political favor of the day: Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick gives Mitt Romney sincere thanks for “his role in working with a Democratic legislature” to get Romneycare passed. This will never go away...

* And the best 2012 huckster move ever: Donald Trump’s team informs the media that maybe, just maybe, Trump will announce whether he’s running for president during the finale of his reality TV show.

What else is going on?