* It’s on! Independent Wisconsin state reviews verify that Dems did indeed collect enough valid signatures to force at least two recall elections against GOP state senators.

This suggests Dems did their due diligence in collecting signatures, and in the end, GOPers are likely to face six recall elections; while Dems may face only three.

* It’s on, part two: Senate Dems will move forward tomorrow with their plan to call the GOP’s bluff on the deficit and gas prices. Per the Senate Dem release:

Tomorrow, Senators Bob Menendez, Sherrod Brown and Claire McCaskill will announce the introduction of the Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act, which will put an end to taxpayer handouts to the 5 largest oil companies making record profits and use the savings to reduce the deficit.

ICYMI: Why Republicans don’t sweat the politics of this battle.

* It’s on, part three: John Boehner, laying down a new marker, will tell Wall Street executives tonight that, yes, it would be irresponsible not to hike the debt ceiling, but it would be even more irresponsible not to accompany it with trillions in spending cuts.

* But Wall Street wants to hear that the debt ceiling will be raised, and fast.

* And Charles Schumer demands that Boehner get serious about reassuring markets for the good of the economy, an effort to drive a wedge between business leaders nervous about GOP debt ceiling brinkmanship and conservatives who want Boehner to extract major spending concessions.

* How did a deal on a debt ceiling hike that everyone has already agreed must happen become the reasonable middle ground position?

* Adam Serwer agrees that it would be really awesome if Republicans grill David Petraeus and Leon Panetta on whether torture was responsible for the death of Bin Laden:

If Republicans want to challenge whether or not the most celebrated general since Eisenhower and the most successful CIA director in recent years have what it takes to get the job done given their opposition to torture, just as the administration is flush with the success of killing the most wanted man on the planet, be my guest.


* Others have linked this, but don’t miss Norman Ornstein’s piece on how Republicans once supported full disclosure of donors, before Citizens United gave the GOP a big boost and got Republicans to rethink things.

*A few conservatives tried to make an issue of it, but a new NBC News poll finds that nearly two thirds agree with Obama’s decision not to release the Bin Laden photos.

* The Dem firm Public Policy Polling finds the Democratic candidate has inched ahead in the special election in New York’s 26th district, an early test of whether Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan can be used to damage Republicans.

* Dem Senator Claire McCaskill helps Republicans in their drive for deep cuts to Medicare and Medicaid by supporting oh-so-reasonable-sounding spending caps.

* MoveOn launches a campaign to pressure Dem leaders not to go along with the spending-cap bait and switch.

* And how many times will Newt announce that he’s announcing?