* It’s dispiriting to see Michelle Obama’s press shop rushing to shoot down the idea that she ever publicly whispered a word of support for marriage equality.

* Is the White House secretly planning to stall the debt ceiling talks in order to get Wall Street to panic and pressure GOP leaders into reaching a deal?

* Or, as some reports suggest, are Obama and Dems prepared to agree to Medicare cuts, taking the Medicare issue off the table for Republicans to induce them to give ground on revenue increases?

* Mitch McConnell won’t even support the Dem suggestion to get rid of perks for corporate jet owners, which his spokesman describes as “hundreds of billions in tax hikes.”

* Ya think? It’s amusing to see Scott Walker now admitting he failed to prepare Wisconsin for his union busting proposal, since Politifact proved a long time ago that he never campaigned on it.

* Rachel Weiner has everything you need to know about the lucky break Wisconsin Dems just got in the recall wars, and why it increases their chances of retaking the state senate.

* Keep an eye on Rob Zerban, the Dem candidate trying to unseat Paul Ryan — Zerban is vowing to post a big fundraising number this month, which will be crucial to his chances against the well-funded Ryan in what may emerge as a big nationally-watched contest.

* In his big foreign policy speech, Tim Pawlenty tried to outhawk and out-chest-thump, well, just about everybody, even as Michele Bachmann continues to emerge as the leading right-wing anti-Romney.

* Retiring Defense Secretary Robert Gates did the country an important service by playing a key bureaucratic and political role in helping make the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell possible.

* Hitting back: The Dem group Priorities USA will go up on the air tomorrow in response to the Rove-founded group’s multi-million-dollar ad onslaught.

* And no matter how many times the right claims it’s hypocritical for Dems to respond with undisclosed money, the fact remains that Dems passed the DISCLOSE Act, which would have ended this practice for good on both sides, and the GOP killed it.

What else is happening?

UPDATE: Obama will hold a news conference tomorrow at 11:30 a.m.