* Looks like some top Jewish donors aren’t buying the right’s Obama-hates-Israel line: A Dem official tells me that an Obama fundraiser tonight — called “Americans in support of a strong US-Israel relationship” — will come in at 50 percent over its goal. Eighty people will attend, with tickets at $25,000-$35,000 a piece.

* Scoop: Obama will announce his plan for Afghan withdrawal on Wednesday.

* Adam Serwer on how the Supreme Court’s tossing of a class action suit against Walmart will make it more difficult for future class action suits and reveals the ideological divide on the court when it comes to discrimination.

* Steve Benen finds some pretty compelling evidence knocking down McKinsey’s claim today that its study was never intended to be seen as predictive. Hint: The evidence comes from McKinsey itself.

* Dems are still keeping up the heat on McKinsey. Just out from Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus:

McKinsey made clear and definitive predictions, and, in the face of tough questions, simply changed their story. This report is filled with cherry-picked facts and slanted questions — it did not provide employers with enough information for them to make honest choices and fair evaluations. Rather than correct the major deficiencies in their report, McKinsey has chosen to again stand by their faulty analysis and misguided conclusions.

* Rep. Sander Levin, the ranking Dem on the House Ways and Means Committee, on McKinsey:

We’re pleased that it has decided to change course, and in the process acknowledge its findings are not predictive of employer behavior once the insurance exchanges are up and running in 2014. From day one we’ve known McKinsey’s findings are an outlier. But now that the company has revealed the methodology it used, we have a sense of why: the respondents in McKinsey’s telephone questionnaire knew very little about the law.

* But Kate Pickert says McKinsey’s methodology is sound, though she agrees that that they botched the packaging of it as predictive.

* The FEC calls on the Rove-founded Crossroads to disclose its secret donors.

* The Obama impersonator who trafficked in racially tinged jokes says the Republican Leadership Conference audience loved it.

* Republican strategist Doug Heye:

“If you want to know why many minorities have a problem with the GOP — a party that believes in empowerment, and the party of Lincoln — look no further than the hiring of an Obama impersonator telling ‘black jokes’ to a Republican audience. When we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot, we have only ourselves to blame.”

* Okay, now that Anthony Weiner has formally submitted his resignation letter, Weinergate is over, right? Right?

* Here’s today’s installment in the Michele Bachmann chronicles: She wants the United States to be more like Canada, apparently unaware that Canada passed its own massive version of the hated stimulus.

* And a special bonus Bachmann installment: It’ll be interesting to see what the Tea Partyers think of the fact that their warrior queen literally praised government pork in a letter to an Obama official.

What else is happening?