* So can House Republicans accept any of the new revenue enhancing ideas floated by Dems, such as higher taxes on “carried interest” earned by hedge fund managers, ending perks for corporate jet owners, and limiting deductions for households over $500,000 a year?

I put the question to Eric Cantor’s office. Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring responds:

The crux of this argument is not about this loophole or that loophole, it is about raising taxes in a lagging economy. You can’t help the wage earner by taxing the wage payer offering a job, and the bottom line is that the proposal pushed by Democrats would increase taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars on individuals, small businesses and employees at a time when we need to focus on job growth.

So for now, it appears that even these revenue proposals are non-starters.

* But Obama and Harry Reid agreed at their private meeting today that new revenues must be part of the eventual deal.

* David Dayen argues that if Dems agree to any Medicare benefits cuts, it will “amount to a get out of jail free card for Republicans.”

* The Dane County sheriff opens an investigation into the news that Wisconsin conservative Supreme Court judge David Prosser allegedly tried to choke a liberal female justice.

* No, gay marriage advocates are not akin to Bull Connor siccing dogs on civil rights activists.

* When Obama meets with gay advocates this Wednesday, they will judge him by Andrew Cuomo’s standard.

* But on marriage equality, the numbers show that the long arc of history is clearly bending towards justice.

* As Igor Volsky notes, Mitt Romney is going to have a very tough time explaining to 2012 GOP primary voters why he was so successful in securing health insurance for his Massachusetts constituents.

* No, Sarah Palin is not “undefeated.”

* Be very, very afraid: Minnesota Dems say Michele Bachmann is much more dangerous than Palin, and that you underestimate her at your peril.

* And indeed, there’s a method to Bachmann’s embrace of the Tea Party — she’s positioning herself as the leading alternative to reasonable-sounding establishment GOP candidates like Mitt Romney and T-Paw.

* And the 2012 hucksterism of the day: Rudy Giuliani is again heading to New Hampshire in order to stoke speculation about a presidential run that is never, ever going to happen.

What else is going on?