* The Jewish Daily Forward whacks Netanyahu for forcing Jewish Americans to choose between him and Obama, and dismisses the right wing nonsense about the 1967 lines.

* GOP Rep. Joe Walsh is annoyed with Jewish voters because they aren’t willing to buy conservative falsehoods about the President’s Israel stance.

Though I still maintain that that the real problem is Congressional Democrats who are misrepresenting Obama’s position.

* T-Paw takes the plunge and finally states clearly after much hemming and hawing that he would sign Ryancare as president. As if he had any other choice...

* The DNC chair accuses 2012 GOP candidates who support policies that shift jobs overseas of not believing in American exceptionalism .

* And she denies Obama did any significant damage to his relationship with the Jewsish community.

* Dems vow Medicare will be a driving issue in competitive Senate races, though Republicans have been challenging them to name a single race where it will matter.

* And Dems say the House is now in play.

* Jon Chait flags a doozy from NPR:

American Political heavyweights gathered in Washington today. They met to tackle the biggest problem facing the nation: the massive public debt.

Really? It’s now established fact that the deficit is a more serious problem than unemployment or climate change?

* Jonathan Bernstein keeps making an important point: The media keeps reporting on the deficit as if it’s a one-sided issue — it’s automatically bad — when some experts believe running deficits amid recessions is actually good policy.

* Digby: “I’ve been wondering something for a while. Has anyone ever seen Walter Mondale and Pawlenty in the same room together?”

* It’s hard to believe that DailyKos has just turned nine years old.

* Sarah Palin has done a great job — of convincing fellow Republicans she’s electoral poison.

* And the reality check of the day: For all the chatter about Palin’s bus tour, there is zero evidence she’s doing anything at all to lay the groundwork in early primary states for a presidential run.

What else is happening?