* Comast Boston has rebuffed the NRCC’s demand that it yank an ad being run by liberal groups that attacks GOP Rep. Charlie Bass for supporting the GOP plan to “end Medicare.” The NRCC argued in a long letter that the claim is false.

“We are continuing to air the ad,” Chris Ellis, a spokesman for Comcast’s ad sales division, tells me. “We’ve reviewed the materials provided by the NRCC and the documentation provided by the advertisers, and we’ve decided that the ad does meet our guidelines.”

In fairness to the NRCC, it’s very hard to get ads pulled, and both sides try to do this all the time with little success. Comcast’s decision, however, is likely to embolden Dems to stick by their claim that the GOP plan “ends Medicare.” We’re still waiting for word back from WMRU, which is also airing the Progressive Change Campaign Committee/ Democracy for America spot.

* Epic smackdown: The head of Fiat-Chrysler says that Mitt Romney and anyone else who opposed the Federal auto bailout must have been “smoking illegal material.”

*As Byron Tau dryly notes, Romney has now broken with the “consensus in his party” by allowing that humans just may play a role in global warming after all.

* As Steve Benen notes, Romney’s constant use of the word “European” as an epithet is doubly amusing in light of the right’s nonstop worship of European countries’ austerity policies.

* It really is remarkable how focused Romney is doubling down on the ailing economy: Tonight he’ll claim in a speech that its a “moral tragedy of epic proportion.”

* But Taegan Goddard notes a potential downside for Romney in the bad economy: It could encourage other GOP candidates to enter the race.

* Atrios aptly boils down the White House/Dem jobs plan, or lack thereof, in the wake of today’s bad jobs numbers:

It’s a nice idea, but I do not think it is likely that the administration will pivot back to jobs. Hope is the plan.

* Relatedly, Jed Lewison says the bad jobs numbers mean Obama needs to make the case for more stimulus spending, even if it’s hopeless:

I know it’s not going to happen now that the GOP has rebranded Keynesian economics as Marxism, but the Obama administration needs to repeatedly and loudly make the case for investing in America, lest they end up getting blamed for the GOP’s foolish budget austerity.

* Interesting: Dems are now demanding that Republicans take Medicare off the table and stop tying it to the debt ceiling talks, a possible sign that Dems have decided a firm line is a political winner.

* Chris Cillizza has a really nice piece on the real meaning of John Edwards and how he embodied the realization that Dems can win elections by choosing real populism over centrism.

* That was quick: The Wisconsin Democratic Party already has a petition up collecting signatures for the recall of Scott Walker. They are hoping to amass 50,000 of them in 30 days.

* David Dayen has some sobering thoughts on the dissipating energy in Wisconsin and what it all means, though he’s still cautiously optimistic about the Dem drive to recall Walker.

* Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who lost to Walker last year, is beginning to sound like he’s open to challenging him in a recall.

* And the snark of the day, from David Kurtz, on Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere video: “One if by land, two if by tour bus.”

What else is happening?