* Forty out of 47 GOP Senators voted today for the Paul Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it. Only senators Snowe, Collins, Murkowski, Scott Brown and Rand Paul voted no.

* The DSCC statement predicts political doom for Senate Republicans, and vows Dems will remain on offense:

“The Republican plan to end Medicare in favor of tax breaks for the wealthy and tax subsidies for big oil could not be more misguided. If Republicans didn’t hear that message last night, they will certainly hear it next November. The Republican budget is a toxic political liability for the GOP and Democrats will continue to drive the debate and play offense this cycle. This vote will be remembered as a defining moment for the next election.”

* The Republican response:

While reporters listen to the spin from Dems on Ryan budget vote ask them which Senate races it might actually be an issue in. Hint -- NONE

* Goodwin Liu withdraws his nomination, unable to overcome his caricature as a radical leftist at the hands of Republican Senators who didn’t seem to care that he was endorsed by conservatives like Kenneth Starr and Clint Bolick.

* ICYMI: Adam Serwer on the real reason Senate Republicans opposed Liu’s nomination. Hint: It has nothing to do with his qualifications.

* Genius: GOP Rep. Rob Woodall, who suggested that those without private retiree insurance should fend for themselves, also says he avails himself of government-subsidized health insurance “because it’s free.”

* Liberals up the pressure on Elizabeth Warren: The Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s petition urging Obama to appoint her as consumer protection chief has more than 75,000 signatures in eight hours, I’m told.

* An amusing video from Jewish Funds for Justice features seniors cracking jokes about what their kids will need to do to get senior medical care under the Ryan plan, an effort to shift the conversation to what will happen to future seniors.

* Ed Kilgore on how the GOP has lost its grip on the south.

* It looks like Sharron Angle will again have to resort to “Second Amendment remedies.”

* And no one will care, but Michele Bachmann’s claim that Obama wants Israel to return to pre-1967 borders is a flat out lie.

UPDATE: Link to Woodall story fixed.