* Angering liberals and conservatives alike, the White House claims it does not need Congressional authorization for the Libya operation, because it does not “constitute hostilities” within the meaning of the War Powers Resolution. This isn’t going to fly.

* No surrender: A day after the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld Scott Walker’s union-busting law, a coaltion of unions files a Federal lawsuit to block it.

* Dems accuse House Republicans of censoring mailings to constituents that say the Ryan plan is a “voucher” system and would “end Medicare.”

* Jon Cohn has an important new addition to the saga of the McKinsey mystery study finding fault with the health law:

“Trust me,” says one of the firm’s insiders. “The survey is not a good tool for prediction.”

* Steve Benen has this exactly right:

McKinsey continues to refuse all requests for information. For a firm that’s never had a problem with the peer-review process in the past, this is just bizarre, and the story will continue to dog them until they allow an objective evaluation of the report.

* Tim Pawlenty’s tax cuts make Bush’s tax cuts look like socialism. Question: What’s to prevent another GOP candidate from coming along and proposing tax cuts double the size of T-Paw’s?

* Jon Huntsman joins the ranks of 2012 GOP hopefuls that are taking the enormously controversial step of asking whether there are limits on what American military power can accomplish abroad.

* Sahil Kapur gets inside the conservative movement’s campaign to take down Mitt.

* Fascinating finding in a new NBC/WSJ poll: The number who support raising the debt ceiling jumps substantially when respondents are told, you know, what the consequences of not raising it would be.

* Also from that poll, another Newt implosion alert: Gingrich’s unfavorable rating among Republicans has tripled since April.

* David Frum explains why the conservative media’s pay-to-play schemes are seriously questionable, and imagines what the right would say if traditional media did the same.

* And some on the right claimed today that a new AIPAC memo on the Mideast is intended as a veiled attack on Obama. It won’t matter a whit that AIPAC’s spokesman begs to differ.

What else is happening?