* The gift keeps on giving? Wisconsin Dems vow to make Paul Ryan and Medicare central in the campaigns to recall GOP state senators.

* Does the right have any explanation for the fact that the jobs numbers improved after Obama started implementing his big spending policies?

* The latest statement just in from Anthony Weiner:

“I welcome and will fully cooperate with an investigation by the House Ethics Committee. I am deeply sorry to my family, staff and constituents.”

* Whether or not Anthony Weiner resigns, Dems will almost certainly hold the seat.

* Just before Weiner copped to his online dalliances, ABC News was preparing to go public with one woman’s story.

* Now that Christine Romer is no longer a top White House economics adviser, she’s free to say that we really need more stimulus spending right now.

* The real reason well-off Beltway elites prioritize deficit reduction over job creation: Unlike unemployment, deficits might actually have an impact on them at some point.

* Elizabeth Kolbert says it’s time to accept that Obama isn't prepared to lead on climate change, though she says it’s still not too late.

* Never mind tax hikes. Even mere revenue increases are a non-starter in today’s GOP.

* DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, apparently caving to right wing criticism, retracts her Jim Crow comparison.

* Paul Ryan attacks Obama for being simultaneously too hard and too soft on our allies.

* Why Sarah Palin’s claim that she was focused on the obscure part of the Paul Revere story where he was detained by the British is not exactly credible.

* James Tobin: “If you believe that this minor incident in the story of the ride is what she was thinking of when she answered the question then you are probably among the minority of Americans who think she deserves to be trusted with nuclear weapons.”

* And that minority of Americans is rapidly trying to rewrite reality on Wikipedia.

What else is happening?