* I’m glad to see that Steve Benen is calling on Congressional Democrats to stop enabling the right’s falsehoods about Obama and the 1967 lines. I hope others do the same.

* Joe Klein argues that Charles Krauthammer’s column offering a creative variation on the 1967 lines falsehood reveals him to be a “devious propagandist.”

* Spread widely: Scott Walker vows that his union-busting bill, whose passage has now been ruled illegal by a judge, will get passed “one way or the other.”

* This is important: Wisconsin officials delay their final decisions on whether to allow the three recall elections against Dems to go forward, raising the possibility that Dem allegations of GOP signature-collecting fraud may be getting taken seriously.

* Paul Ryan thinks the battle over Medicare represents a “Churchillian” moment in our history.

Our fiscal predicament will continue to pose an existential threat to western civilization if it isn’t immediately confronted with Ryan’s iron-fisted proposal, rather than the weak-kneed approach preferred by the quislings and the appeasers.

* Major Garrett explains what conservatives mean when they invoke Churchill:

Winston Churchill carries a dual metaphorical meaning for conservatives. They invoke him as someone who was politically scorned and isolated for warning of a foreseeable but underappreciated danger — Adolf Hitler. They also see Churchill as indefatigable and heroic in summoning British grit, perseverance, and tenacity in the face of the Nazi blitz.

I think another way to explain comparisons of this sort is that some on the right suffer from delusions of world-historical grandeur.

* Ezra Klein has been carrying on an amazing dialog with Ryan.

* A Federal judge rules that banning direct corporate contributions to candidates is unconstitutional, on the theory that the Citizens United ruling that there is no distinction between individuals and corporations on free speech also applies to financial contributions.

* Atrios boils it down: “If Dems cut Medicare at all they will have destroyed their entire 2012 campaign narrative.”

* Joan McCarter says Dems must do more than standing firm on Medicare benefits; they must also link that to an insistence on high-end tax hikes.

* A great piece by Rick Perlstein on the unnoticed 100th anniversary of Hubert Humphrey’s birth and how much better off America would be today if it were less Reaganite and more Humpryish.

* Reality check of the day: All we hear about are state officials who hate the health reform law, but it turns out there are other state officials who are quite enthusiastic about it.

* A settlement is reached in DailyKos’ lawsuit against Research 2000, which rocked the polling world.

* And are some in the media really still describing Rudy Giuliani as “America’s Mayor”? Apparently so.

What else is happening?