* Newt megalomania alert: Fewer than half of Republicans think he’s got the temperament to be president.

* I know everyone is eager for Rick Perry to run, but a former top Gingrich adviser says Perry has nothing to do with his reasons for quitting Newt’s campaign.

* Sources say the Newt campaign was a disorganized mess for weeks, which will only surprise those who deluded themselves into thinking he was ever a serious candidate in the first place.

* Steve Benen keeps tirelessly pointing out the enormous disparity between media coverage of Anthony Weiner and John Ensign/David Vitter — and makes the crucial point that this is the result of editorial decisions made at major news orgs.

* House Democrats push the White House to insist on tax hikes for the rich as part of any deficit/debt ceiling deal in the Biden-led talks. Should be very interesting to see how the White House reacts.

* It’s getting completely lost amid the Weiner and Newt show, but Dems are quietly continuing to hammer Republicans in robocalls accusing them of wanting to “end Medicare,” a sign that they’re brushing off charges that they’re “demagoguing” the issue.

Key takeaway: Weinergate has completely taken the media focus off the “Republicans on defense over Medicare” story.

* It’s probably worth pointing out that Anthony Weiner has a small cadre of defenders who are valiently arguing that his entire political career should not be judged by a handful of after-hours transgressions.

* As Adam Serwer notes, we live in a center-right country in which the public broadly supports the deficit reduction solutions long pushed by liberals.

* The left moves to make Paul Ryan a major issue in the campaign to recall one of their top targets, GOP state senator Alberta Darling.

* MSNBC’s First Read crew manages to make a very credible case that there are five reasons you should take Michele Bachmann’s presidential ambitions seriously.

* Newsflash for the right wing: There’s already rationing in our health care system.

* Can Rick Santorum pander his way to relevance by claiming that everything to the left of Ryancare is socialism?

* Good to see that both the Times and the Post have invited readers for help in combing through the Sarah Palin emails — a technique that was largely pioneered on liberal blogs and Web sites.

If you want to help the Post with this, click here.

* And Millions of Americans will surely feel a lot safer at the news that Pete King is planning another round of Muslim hearings.

What else is happening?