* Right wing activists get it: If Dems take back the Wisconsin state senate in the recall wars, next up is the big one — Scott Walker.

* Steve Benen, on the bizarre refusal of news outlets to cover the controversy over McKinsey’s continued stonewalling, even as its study is being widely used as a political weapon:

Some — Reuters and Wall Street Journal, I’m looking in your direction — were only too pleased to note McKinsely’s findings, but have made no mention of the fact that there’s a major controversy underway about whether those findings are reliable.

* Dan Pfeiffer takes heat from the libs at Netroots Nation over the Bush tax cuts, Afghanistan, and the ned for hard lines on entitlements.

* Pfeiffer also says Obama didn’t actually sign those 1996 questionnaires indicating support for gay marriage, which is likely to strain relations further with the gay community over one of their most serious points of friction.

* But Pfeiffer also pleaded for unity and asked for the left’s help lest we all be “relegated back to the sidelines and see what a Republican president .. does to this country.”

* Adam Serwer on why the Senate really does need to mount a serious probe of allegations that the Bush CIA sought to dig dirt on Iraq War critic Juan Cole.

* Amy Davidson has a pretty rough takedown of the Obama administration’s argument against seeking Congressional authorization in Libya.

* Andrew Sullivan, on Obama’s Libya position: “as ludicrous as it is unprincipled.”

* In the wake of the controversy over AARP today, it’s very hard to figure out where the group now stands on Social Security benefits cuts , beyond seemingly being open to future reductions.

* Until AARP makes its bottom line absolutely clear, it will continue to take heat.

* Conservatives really, really, really, really want Obama to be Jimmy Carter, but the comparison is laughably off base.

* Good stuff from David Frum about the nonstop whining of Wall Streeters and the super-rich about Obama’s allegedly anti-business bent:

By the numbers, you may wonder what the rich have to complain about. Corporate profits are up, and the S&P 500 has surpassed 2008 levels. President Obama has signed a renewal of the Bush tax cuts...Millions of Americans have lost jobs, homes, and savings in a financial crisis and recession caused by the recklessness and incompetence of some of this country’s most eminent and best-compensated financiers. Isn’t the president elected by those Americans entitled to grumble a little about the disaster?

* Mitt Romney has no intention of letting T-Paw out-crazy him on the economy.

* Howard Fineman, traveling in the heartland, was unable to find anyone who cares about Weinergate, and he likens the Beltway Weinergate obsession to the “distant ravings of a strange, alien culture on another planet.”

* And John Judis says the craven calls for Weiner to resign from members of his own party will only embolden the Andrew Breitbarts of the world.

What else is happening?

UPDATE: One other interesting item. Pew Research’s director of survey research weighs in on McKinseygate: “I’m suspicious of research if people won’t tell me how they did it.”