* Chuck Schumer to fellow Senate Dems: Forget about the Constitutional/nuclear option on the debt ceiling, it’s not gonna happen this time.

* Takedown of the day: Kevin Drum, on Marco Rubio’s recent claim that Obama is acting like a “left wing strongman.”

* Ezra Klein: We don’t really have a deficit problem. We have a Congress problem.

* CBS News gets it right:

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on Thursday backtracked on a central theme of his presidential campaign: that President Obama has made a struggling U.S. economy even worse.

* The White House Council of Economic Advisers releases a report finding that the stimulus hiked GDP by as much as 3.2 percent in the first quarter of 2011 and added up to 3.6 million jobs.

* Hedge fund big says we need a massive infusion of government stimulus spending to save the economy.

* I meant to link this yesterday, but Bruce Bartlett has the most extensive rundown I’ve ever seen of all this year’s polling on what Americans really think of tax increases.

* Good epic rant by Michelle Goldberg on how the Mark Halperin mess reveals “all that’s rotten and shallow about D.C.’s pundit class, which fetishizes bipartisanship even as it only demands it of one political party.”

* Tim Pawlenty’s anemic $4.2 million quarterly fundraising haul is a blow to his position as Mitt Romney’s leading establishment challenger, and good news for Michele Bachmann, given her fundraising prowess as national Tea Party warrior queen.

* And T-Paw gnashes teeth as Bachmann scores big with a cover story in National Review crowning her a “daughter of liberty.”

* Matt Duss on the real meaning of the U.S.’s seeking of limited contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood.

* Apparently some right wingers think it shows Obama is enabling the plan to establish a global caliphate.

* And Glenn Beck is heading for minor crank status.

What else is happening?