* Ron Fournier says Obama’s “kids versus corporate jets” framing is some of the starkest language he’s used yet, but it won’t be enough to soften institutional GOP opposition to tax hikes on the rich.

* But E. J. Dionne says it could prove effective, because it moves the debate away from the GOP’s anti-tax theology and onto the subject of what constitutes sensible governance.

* Jed Lewison: “In the end, it’s just a question of math. If you don’t ask the wealthy to pay their share, the money is going to come from children and the elderly. And that’s not morally defensible.”

* Nancy Pelosi, on Obama’s presser: “Bravo!”

* Steve Benen parses the polls and finds that voters still don’t blame Obama for the economic mess — which may help explain the talking point that he made the recession “worse.”

* And it’s all about economic pessimism: A new CBS poll finds that roughly four in 10 think the economy is in “permanent decline,” though 57 percent say it will eventually recover.

* As Stephen Stromberg notes, when Obama made an offhand reference today to saving the Weather Service from cuts, he was actually saying something quite significant.

* Paul Waldman reminds us that Obama has been perpetually alleged to be on the verge of losing the Jewish vote since at least 2008.

* A new poll finds that 61 percent of Iowans support marriage equality. The state has had it since 2009, and it appears residents don’t think it’s caused the breakdown of civil society as we know it.

* Today’s big health care ruling upholding the constitutionality of the mandate demolished the right’s bogus “inactivity” argument.

* If the Supreme Court agrees to consider the constitutionality of one aspect of the Defense of Marriage Act next year, it could put gay marriage squarely in the center of the presidential race.

* A counter-intuitive take from Aaron Blake on why it might not be in Obama’s interest to come out for gay marriage right now.

* And Andrew Sullivan says gays need to accept Obama’s winking support for marriage equality — and that they should “wink back.”

What else is happening?

UPDATE: Link to Weather Service post fixed.