* Obama summons Congressional leaders to the White House to break the debt ceiling impasse, his first direct, hands-on involvment in the talks, and this is now formally the President’s show.

* John Boenher claims the “American people won’t stand for” a deficit deal that would “increase taxes” by doing away with tax loopholes and perks for corporate jet owners.

In fact, poll after poll after poll has shown that Americans think a combination of tax increases and spending cuts should be part of any deficit compromise.

* Overlooked fact of the day: “Most authorities don’t think the stimulus failed.”

* But Mitt Romney yet again claims Obama “made things worse,” even though the claim has been repeatedly debunked and even was retracted by Romney himself.

* Laura Clawson on Romney’s new strategy of pretending he’s not quite as irrevocably and rabidly anti-union as other conservatives.

* Good reporting from Sam Stein on how freshman House GOPers who style themselves as anti-government “fiscal hawks” are aggressively lobbying for Big Government spending in their districts.

* Headline of the day, from Politico:

Poll: Jewish support for Obama flat

Amusingly, that’s on a story about today’s Gallup poll debunking the notion that Jewish voters are abandoning Obama.

* Some folks are somehow interpreting that Gallup poll as proof that Obama’s support is dipping among Jewish Americans, but Adam Serwer knocks down that reading.

* Senate Dems may hold a vote this week on a resolution claiming generally that folks making $1 million or more should “make a more meaningful contribution to the deficit-reduction effort.”

That such a gesture is even necessary to demonstrate that there’s support for reducing the deficit with high-end tax hikes shows just how far to the right the debate has drifted.

* Relatedly, John Cornyn got some attention this weekend for seeming to signal GOP openness to new revenues, but he’s already taking the possibility off the table again.

* Memo to Senator Richard Shelby: The fact that World War II helped end the depression is an argument for government spending, not against it.

* And Ed Kilgore on how Michele Bachmann’s claim she’s a “constitutional conservative” is really a dog-whistle designed to signal true radicalism to the right wing base.

What else is going on?