* Dem leaders may not be openly whipping for support for the debt deal, but they may quietly be doing what it takes to ensure that enough Dems support it to make it pass when it’s voted on tonight.

A leadership aide emails me: “Democratic leaders won’t let it fail.”

* Indeed, Nancy Pelosi tells ABC News that she’ll vote for the deal, even though she agrees it’s a “Satan sandwich” with some “Satan fries on the side.”

* And House GOP leaders think they have the votes on their side to make it happen. Since the plan is widely expected to sail through the Senate, it appears that the Great Debt Ceiling Showdown of 2011 is just about over.

* Ugh. Steve Benen knocks down one of the more ridiculous media memes now making the rounds : The debt ceiling mess has shown that Obama has failed to change the ways of Washington.

* Andy Stern, a generally reliable ally of the White House, lets loose on Obama’s negotiating strategy:

“We have now had at least three or more experiences of the president explaining to people that he has a plan and it is under control but the results don’t match. He has an unreasonable Congress that doesn’t respond to reason. So why continue to reason with them?”

* But as Jonathan Cohn (who had harshly criticized the president) allows, Obama really was in a very tough position “given the extremism and immaturity of Republican Party leaders these days.”

* Department of faint praise: Nate Silver on why liberals reading the debt deal’s fine print will “find that it’s a little better than it appears at first glance.”

* Former White House adviser Jared Bernstein on how the basic problems on display in the debt fight won’t go away until liberals win the larger argument and persuade Americans that government is worth fighting for.

* We don’t need any more speculative thumb-suckers about why Obama doesn’t draw a hard line in negotiations; as Kevin Drum notes, the answer is already out there on the public record.

* Jason Linkins on another annoying media tic: The fact that both sides are claiming to be unhappy with the debt deal does not mean it is a fair compromise or good for the country.

* Huh. Netanyahu is now reportedly open to using the 1967 lines with swaps as the basis for negotiations, which is exactly what he pilloried Obama for (with the nodding approval of many craven Dems in Congress).

* Voters file complaints against the Tea Party group Americans for Prosperity over mailers that misled voters about the dates of the recalls.

* And another day, another comically dishonest smear by the right wing blogosphere, this one designed to perpetuate the fiction of the liberal, Obama-worshipping media.

What else is going on?