* The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is now saying it could support Mitch McConnell’s proposal to transfer control of the debt ceiling to the President — another sign of how badly business leaders want the GOP leadership to get this resolved.

The statement from chief U.S. Chamber spokesman Tom Collamore:

The key here is to avoid the U.S. government defaulting on its obligations, so in that vein I think any proposal is worth a close look if it will avoid that. In the meantime the negotiations should continue on how to find a meaningful longer term solution to the nation’s budget deficit.

* Dems are pouncing on the news that Moody’s may downgrade the U.S.’s credit rating if the debt ceiling isn't raised, and quick.

From Dem Rep. Chris Van Hollen: “The fact that Moody’s put the United States on its watch list and may downgrade our AAA bond rating underscores the danger for those who would hold our economy and jobs hostage to a rigid ideological agenda — instead of acting in the best interests of our country.”

* Wow: GOP Rep. Pete King is now calling for an FBI probe into allegations that Rupert Murdoch’s reporters tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims.

* Also: Dem Rep Bruce Braley is calling on GOP investigations chief Darrell Issa to open a probe of the phone-hacking allegations — it’ll be very interesting to see how, or whether, Issa responds.

* Fifty-four House Dems and counting have now signed that letter drawing a hard line against entitlements benefits cuts, a House Dem source tells me. More signers equals more leverage.

* Joan McCarter sees signs that Dems are hanging tough, and that as a result, John Boehner is running out of options.

* Gallup finds that a solid majority, 62 percent, favors reducing the deficit through some combination of spending cuts and tax hikes. Even a majority of Republicans favors some kind of mix.

And yet a compromise that’s overwhelmingly tilted towards cuts and only increases revenues is a virtual impossibility — yet another sign of just how far to the right of public opinion the debate has shifted.

* The 2012 campaign erupts on Twitter as David Axelrod tweets:

Anyone heard from Mitt Romney lately? Where is he on McConnell plan? On the debt talks? On the impact of a default? Why so quiet?

* Ron Kampeas completes the demolition job on that bogus poll allegedly proving Jewish defections.

* Even Jennifer Rubin concedes the poll is bogus, though she adds some fair points about the unreliability of polling in the Jewish community in general.

* More grist for the recall wars: Wisconsin GOP state senators allegedly did the bidding of out of state conservatives by sponsoring an initiative to lower the price of moist snuff.

* ICYMI: Jonathan Bernstein explains how the McConnell debt ceiling proposal could indeed pass the House.

* And Michael Tomasky maps out a clear path for Michele Bachmann to the 2012 GOP nomination. Fear the Tea Party warrior queen!

What else is going on?