* It’s looking more and more like the recall fight will come down to the effort to oust GOP state senator Alberta Darling, and multiple reports from the field have it that turnout is very robust in her district, which could — could — favor Dems, depending on where it’s concentrated.

* Turnout is also reportedly running high in GOP state senator Luther Olsen, whose defeat would also be key to a Dem victory.

* The labor-backed We Are Wisconsin tells supporters via email that turnout is running high in senate district 18, and that poll watchers in districts eight, 14, and 18 see a “slight Dem advantage.”

If true, that’s important: Those three districts are Darling, Olsen and Randy Hopper — three top recall targets.

* The perfect coda: Scott Walker signs Congressional and legislative redistricting benefiting the GOP into law just before the recall election returns come in.

* Whatever happens in Wisconsin today, the recall fight represents “one of the most remarkable accountability moments in modern American history.”

* Frontiers of new media organizing: Labor and lefty groups get into a minor but illustrative flap over how to handle Twitter organizing on Wisconsin recall election day.

* Harry Reid explains his choice of senators Patty Murray, Max Baucus and John Kerry for the Congressional “super-committee.”

* Liberals and unions didn’t want Reid to appoint Kent Conrad and Dick Durbin, because both of them voted for the Simpson-Bowles deficit plan, so in this sense they may have dodged a bullet.

* Joan McCarter on why Reid’s picks could have been worse, and why the pick of DSCC chair Patty Murray could actually bode well.

* Mitt Romney’s campaign is now raising money off the false assertion that the Obama campaign launched with a vow to “kill” its opponent.

In reality, the Politico piece Romney’s camp is distorting for its own purposes quoted an anonymous Dem “aligned” with the White House, not the campaign itself.

* And the polls close in Wisconsin at 9 p.m. eastern; you can follow incoming results right here.

What else is going on?