* David Corn on how the media is politely looking the other way while Republicans distort our critical debt ceiling debate with the Obama “blank check” lie.

* House Dems are growing increasingly vocal in urging Obama to invoke the 14th amendment on the debt ceiling, a possible sign Dems are worried that the eventual compromise will be a terrible deal.

* Uh oh: The Club for Growth is reserving the option of supporting primary challengers to House GOPers who vote for John Boehner’s debt ceiling plan.

* The Congressional Budget Office weighs in on Boehner’s revised plan, and finds that deficit reduction is higher than the debt ceiling hike, potentially clearing a key hurdle towards passage.

* This is key: All 51 Senate Dems and two independents have signed a letter affirming that they will vote against Boehner’s plan.

* But Boehner is privately telling colleagues the Senate will fold “like a cheap suit” and ultimately support his plan.

* Good question from Steve Benen on the GOP push for a two-tiered debt ceiling hike:

Can Boehner and McConnell offer any kind of coherent defense for wanting to put us through this now and again six months from now?

It’s a depressing thought, but it really might happen this way.

* Fact of life: In shunning the Reid debt ceiling proposal, GOP leaders are refusing to support a plan that would constitute a huge victory for the right and a major defeat for progressives.

* History lesson of the day: Obama is doing better among Dem voters than any Dem president since Truman. (This doesn’t tell us anything about the base’s enthusiasm, a key metric.)

* Not our usual fare, but Michael Powell wrote a great piece this week on how the revival of the South Bronx proves government can work, and his rebuttal today to conservative critics is also a good read for those who are interested in New York City.

* Mitt Romney’s sensible positions on health care and climate change have made him anathema to the Tea Party base and have given Rick Perry an opening to emerge as the true Tea Party anti-Romney.

* Depressing: The race for Anthony Weiner’s House seat has turned into a contest over who can most outrageously demagogue Obama’s positions on Israel.

* And here's the most painful headline of the day by far: “Pawlenty struggles to step out of Bachmann’s shadow.” Ouch. How humiliating.

What else is happening?