* Obama campaign advisers are banking on voters seeing that the GOP opponent and his party are in thrall to “medeival” and “pre-rational” thinking, which may be all they’ve got, if the unemployment crisis doesn’t improve.

* Jonathan Capehart takes stock of all the truly awful polling for Obama and rightly concludes that whatever silver lining exists for the President is fast turning grey.

* The Associated Press previews Obama’s big jobs speech: He’ll propose $300 billion in tax cuts and federal spending to get Americans back to work.

Also note: The push for extensions in the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits are likely to be central to Obama’s jobs offensive, meaning a protracted fight with Republicans over their opposition to a tax cut.

* Indeed, you’ll be startled to hear that anti-tax Tea Party warrior Jim DeMint is likely to oppose Obama’s call for a payroll tax cut extension.

* House Dems continue to gamely insist that government efforts to create jobs should be part of our efforts at deficit reduction, and it remains amazing that this is even an open question.

* Frontrunner Rick Perry: The new Post poll finds that Perry has surged ahead of Mitt Romney, and crucially, Perry is viewed by Republicans as the candidate who can to beat Obama.

* Ezra Klein sums up Romney’s just-announced jobs plan:

The jobs plan is, well, your standard-issue GOP jobs plan. Big tax cuts tilted towards corporations and investment income. Deregulation. An increase in domestic energy production. A free-trade compact called — I’m not making this up — the “Reagan economic zone.”

* Reality check of the day: Experts think Obama’s efforts are unlikely to repair the economy’s long term damage — and that’s even if he wins a sweeping government jobs program, which is anything but assured.

* No-brainer of the day: Tea Partyers figure out that Sarah Palin just might be using the Tea Party movement — and flirting with a presidential run — in order to sell books and make money.

* James Hoffa doubles down in the face of the right’s phony outrage, reiterating: “We didn’t start this war — the right wing did.”

* And there may not be all that much to the news that a Koch brother supposedly compared Obama to Saddam.

What else is happening?