* Matt Miller defends his much-discussed column calling for a third party.

* Paul Krugman, on the calls for more “centrism” and for a third party:

I know that admitting that Barack Obama is already the candidate of centrists’ dreams would be awkward, would make it hard to adopt the stance that both sides are equally at fault. But that is the truth.

* Steve Benen has a nice takedown of the deeply absurd conservative argument that if rich folks want to pay more in taxes, why, they should go ahead and pay more in taxes.

* Digby, on the viral Elizabeth Warren video:

With those words, Elizabeth Warren cemented her reputation as a person who knows how to speak to Americans about progressive values in a way that seems to have eluded almost every other public figure in America.

* Why Republicans have less to fear politically from high unemployment than Dems do. In other words, Republicans benefit from blocking Dem policies even if Americans think those policies would reduce unemployment.

* Smart point from Jonathan Bernstein: “sloppy journalists can get endless mileage from picking out any subgroup in the nation and finding out that, gee, Obama has lost popularity there!”

* The White House cranks up the criticism of the audience conduct at GOP debates, another sign that those moments will be key to Dem efforts to make the 2012 elections about values, and not just the economy.

* Andrew Sullivan, on the right’s ongoing false claim that Obama apologized for America:

The reason for Obama’s attempt to acknowledge some faults in America’s recent past was a simple one: the catastrophe of the Bush-Cheney foreign policy legacy. Rebuilding soft power is not unpatriotic. Regurgitating complacency with a hint of McCarthyism is.

* And your sorely needed Monday comic relief: Jennifer Rubin does a good job trying to pin down Rick Perry’s spokesman on whether he still stands by his own book’s support for allowing states to legalize marijuana.

Do these guys still not have a plan to deal with this?

What else is happening?