* Paul Begala, responding to my post below about Priorities USA Action’s attack on Mitt Romney over his wealth and tax rates, emails a new one:

The “Romney Rule” seems to be that millionaires like Mitt should pay a lower tax rate than maids.

* Senate Dems are looking to pay for the American Jobs Act by imposing a surtax on millionaires, in order to mollify Dems who are skittish about closing corporate tax loopholes.

* Ari Berman on why we should be optimistic about the Justice Department’s stepped up efforts to probe new GOP voting laws.

* Ron Klain makes an interesting point about the challenge Obama faces as he seeks to hike high end taxes: It’s coming at a time of unprecedented public skepticism about the efficacy of government and spending, which neatly captures the challenge of liberals in general.

* Occupy Wall Street picks up the support of still more labor unions, some of them national.

* Mitt Romney weighs in on Occupy Wall Street: “I think it’s dangerous — this class warfare.”Is that an endorsement?

* Jared Bernstein sends perplexed media figures a message spelling out in very simple terms why the message of Occupy Wall Street isn’t all that hard to discern.

* Great post by Ezra Klein on who the “99 percent” are and what they really want.

* Jonathan Capehart on what Occupy Wall Street could learn from the Tea Party.

* When Ben Bernanke keeps repeating his call for real action from policymakers on the economy, it seems awfully clear that he’s talking to his fellow Republicans in Congress.

* Ohio Tea Partyer admits it: The drive to roll back bargaining rights in Ohio is all about breaking unions.

* Remember that analysis I posted yesterday of how Obama’s tax hike would affect the after tax income of the wealthy? The Tax Policy Center has now posted a much more detailed version of it here and here.

* Cain-mentum! Herman Cain has now moved into a tie with Romney for first, as Rick Perry continues to slide.

* And this is really striking: Newly released Post polling data shows that Perry’s support is even collapsing in the south.

What else is happening?