* The new New York Times poll finds a plurality blames Bush, not Obama, for the deficit, and 72 percent disapprove of the GOP’s handling of the debt ceiling fight, versus only 47 percent who disapprove of Obama’s handling of it.

* But: The poll also finds that only 15 percent think the spending cuts in the deal went too far, versus 44 percent who said they don’t go far enough.

Those numbers mirror Gallup’s findings and suggest yet again that the public has internalized key aspects of the conservative economic worldview.

* A mystery firm gives $1 million to Mitt Romney’s campaign before quietly folding up shop, underscoring again the insanity of our emerging non-disclosure system. But hey, Dems have George Soros...and union thugs...and ACORN!

* Question of the day, from David Frum:

My conservative friends argue that the policies of Barack Obama are responsible for the horrifying length and depth of the economic crisis.

Question: Which policies?

* The labor-backed We Are Wisconsin claims to have tracked over $5 million in undisclosed cash flooding into the recall fights to prop up embattled Republicans.

* Tea Party groups plan to descend on Wisconsin this weekend, which should help boost Dem turnout.

* Need a last minute explainer on all things related to the Wisconsin recalls? Rachel Weiner has you covered.

* Jonathan Capehart says it’s time Obama introduced the Tea Party hostage takers to his inner Keyser Soze.

* Department of silver linings: Analyst Mark Zandi expects that tomorrow’s jobs report isn’t going to be too good, but it will be a relief in comparison to June’s absolutely awful one.

* Joan McCarter, on the folly of Dems trying to appear more reasonable and compromising than Republicans.

Here’s a clue: Republicans don’t care if they act like or look like obstructionists. They care about results, and so far, this has been working for them.

* Digby, on the DNC’s (true) claim that Dem voters support the debt compromise: If Dems keep compromising, pretty soon they won’t have anything left to compromise with.

* And Mitt Romney quickly scrambles to catch up with Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum in the anti-gay rights primary.

What else is happening?