* Orrin Hatch comes right out and says it: The wealthy already do too much, and the poor do too little, towards deficit reduction.

Friendly reminder: Hatch is the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee.

* The labor-backed group We Are Wisconsin is going up with a new spot targeting GOP state senator Alberta Darling for supporting Scott Walker’s education cuts.

Darling has long been considered a tough one to dislodge, so the fact that labor is going up on the air against her — coming after Dems reported having more cash on hand yesterday — is a sign that the recall playing field is widening for Dems.

* Bruce Bartlett demolishes the ubiquitous myth that the debt ceiling is a good way to hold down deficits and spending.

* Warning shot from the base: MoveOn surveys its members and finds large numbers would be less likely to work for or support Obama if Social Security gets cut.

* Obama and Nancy Pelosi will meet privately tomorrow, and the key thing to watch is whether they emerge with a unified strategy on entitlements.

* Another topic they will likely discuss: There’s an active debate underway inside the Democratic Party over whether Obama and Dems can cut Medicare without squandering their advantage over the GOP — and the sharp contrast between the parties — on the issue.

* If Dems draw a firm line on benefits cuts but agree to other entitlements cuts they can tolerate, it could be an effective way of calling the GOP’s bluff.

* Fareed Zakaria debunks the criticism that Obama lacks a “consistent” foreign policy approach to the Mideast, since it’s made up of a range of profoundly different countries, and tells folks to stop hunting high and low for an “Obama doctrine.”

* Interesting piece by RCP’s Caitlin Huey-Burns on how the nasty labor fight over Boeing is spilling over into the Virgina Senate battle, with GOPer George Allen (remember him?) lobbing the Big Labor charge at Tim Kaine.

* Just brutal: Matt Lewis on how Mitt Romney’s new sincere, casual, everyman shtick is heavily scripted from top to bottom.

* Laughable right wing grievance mongering of the day: Conservatives are actually claiming that the White House “bullied” them because Obama online guru Jesse Lee had the temerity to respond to their arguments on Twitter.

* Rupert Murdoch pulls the plug on News of the World amid the phone-hacking scandal.

* Subliminal advertising? The Rove-founded Crossroad’s latest anti-Obama web ad rapidly flashes the word “TAXES” before quickly morphing into another word. Subtle!

* And Mike Bloomberg, a longtime marriage equality proponent, will celebrate New York’s breakthrough by officially presiding over the City Hall nuptials of two gay aides.

What else is going on?

UPDATE: Link to Romney story is fixed. Apologies.