* House GOP leaders postpone the vote yet again on the Boehner plan, though it could take place later tonight, perhaps because the latest Hill whip count has 25 House Republicans witholding support.

* Think Progress puts the count at 26 No votes; National Journal puts it at 23.

* Beltway Deficit Feedback Loop alert: A new poll sponsored by the Alliance for American Manufacturing finds the public overwhelmingly prioritizes job creation over debt reduction, 67-29.

Also interesting: There’s strong support for government action to staunch the loss of manufacturing jobs, suggesting that if Dems ever do “pivot to jobs,” this is one place to focus their energy.

* Quote of the day, from GOP Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas, after being summoned to the House GOP leadership’s offices to discuss his opposition to the Boehner proposal:

“I’m still a bloody and beaten No.”

* And how about that “clean” debt ceiling hike idea? The number of co-sponsors on Dem Rep. Peter Welch’s bill to do just that is now up to 139 .

* Nancy Pelosi goes there: The GOP’s real goal isn’t deficit reduction, it’s dismantling the public sector and safety net.

* Check out the Post’s nifty chart detailing the ever-shrinking debt ceilnig deal.

* Chris Van Hollen starts pushing “triggers” as the best route to a debt compromise, another sign that officials are looking to decouple debt ceiling hikes from spending cuts.

* And Van Hollen’s spoksman offers an interesting explanation for why all South Carolina House GOPers oppose the Boehner plan: They all want to primary Senator Lindsey Graham from the right in 2014, so they can’t cave on the Boehner plan.

* The Wisconsin recall map, made simple: If the Dems’ leads over GOP state senators Dan Kapanke, Randy Hopper and Luther Olsen hold for 12 more days, Dems take back the state senate.

* Reality check of the day, from Jonathan Cohn: Whatever debt ceiling compromise does pass, it won’t have any measures in it to provide a short-term boost for the economy.

In other words, whatever does pass will be a huge victory for conservatives.

* The SEIU cranks up the pressure on Scott Brown with a new ad hitting him over the debt ceiling with “just days left before America can no longer pay its bills,” which is worth appreciating as a politically savvy way to frame the issue.

* And James Fallows says what must not be said in polite company: One party is far, far, far more to blame than the other for the debt ceiling crisis.

What else is going on?