* Yes, Obama and Dems are winning the argument over the debt ceiling: A new CBS poll finds that 66 percent think the deficit should be reduced through a combination of spending cuts and tax increases.

Only 28 percent back the GOP position that it should be reduced with only spending cuts.

By the way, at least four other national polls back up these findings.

* Senate Dems are quietly getting ready to hold a vote on the McConnell escape-hatch proposal later this week, another sign that it’s emerging as the only way out.

* Despite the White House’s threat of a veto, House GOPers will move forward tomorrow with a vote on a balanced budget amendment, and the key question is whether this vote will make it politically easier for House conservatives to support the McConnell plan later.

* The White House hints that it’s getting involved in gaming out how to make the proposal attractive enough to House Dems to make passage possible.

* Senator Dianne Feinstein comes out for the McConnell plan, and keep an eye on public statements coming from Dems, which are likely to snowball through the week.

* Digby, on that poll showing that majorities of Republicans think the debt ceiling doesn’t matter:

These are the Koch’s little Frankenstiens. Did they know what they were creating?

* Progressives launch a Draft Elizabeth Warren for Senate effort.

* The Progressive Change Campaign Committee raises $15,000 for Warren in four hours.

* Some Dems worry that she has never practiced retail politics before, and the bottom line is there’s only one way to find out if this Harvard professor is any good at it.

* Jonathan Cohn talks to experts about Obama’s much-debated claim that cutting the deficit now will make it easier to enact liberal priorities later.

*The slow, painful coming death of the independent conservative blogosphere.”

* Fifty-one percent of Republicans disapprove of the GOP’s handling of the debt ceiling talks, though I suspect this may reflect anger that Republicans are losing the political battle more than anything else.

* Fun fact of the day: The last time Federal spending was as low as the latest GOP plan would make it — 18 percent of GDP — the top song of the moment was the Monkees’ “I’m a believer.”

* And the rebranding of the day: Forget “raising the debt ceiling.” Let’s call it the “Pay America’s Bills Act.”

What else is going on?