* Just lovely: In the wake of the controversy of the booing of the gay soldier, ABC News today was unable to get spokespeople for Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, or Michele Bachmann to say anything at all about it.

* The DNC is putting real money behind ads in multiple states pushing Obama’s jobs bill, a clear sign that his political operation is all in for this one.

* I’m with Steve Benen on this: There are clear and growing signs that the White House and Dems are committed to mounting an aggressive and sustained push for this jobs bill over the long haul.

* Why that big disconnect between voter disapproval of Obama and support for his actual fiscal policies? Jonathan Cohn gets political scientists to explain what’s really driving it.

* More on the big disconnect: Jared Bernstein on what it will take to get voters to translate support for progressive ideas into actual support for progressive politicians.

* Good post from Chris Bowers: Elizabeth Warren’s pefectly reasonable suggestion that the wealthy didn’t get rich in a vacuum has quickly made her into a top target of the right wing media, and has ensured that this contest is shaping up as far more than just a Senate race.

* As Amy Sullivan details (complete with links and dates), Obama has perpetually been on the verge of losing Jewish support for over three years now.

* Is Rick Perry blowing it? Steve Kornacki rounds up a bunch of scathing conservative responses and suggests that if this continues, it will seriously undermine the GOP elite’s already-shaky confidence in his electability.

What to watch: Whether Perry’s increasingly disastrous performance persuades conservatives to begin overlooking Mitt Romney’s ideological malleability and opportunism.

* Also worth watching: Perry’s numbers are now likely to soften up and could conceivably coax another mystery candidate into the race.

* David Frum thinks Perry’s fumbles give Jon Huntsman an opening to have another run at Romney by playing the sane conservative.

By the way, Huntsman, unlike Romney and Perry, was subsequently willing to condemn the booing of the gay soldier: “The first response should be thanking the soldier for his or her service.”

What impressive political courage!

* The Weekly Standard’s official reaction to last night’s GOP debate: “Yikes.”

* And the liberal nightmare scenario of the day: The GOP sweeps the 2012 elections, and then repeals the health reform law — using reconciliation to get repeal through the Senate.

What else is happening?