* This seems kind of important: Dan Eggen does the digging and finds Rick Perry took in at least $30,000 from Merck in the years before ordering young girls to use Merck’s HPV vaccine — far more than the mere $5000 Perry claimed could not buy him.

* Interesting piece by Dee Dee Myers, who says the battle is on for the hearts and minds of the American people on jobs, and to win it, Obama has to find a way of making an emotional pitch for the plan as crucial to fixing people’s lives.

* The Obama campaign unveils a new Web site called AttackWatch.com, to take on false policy attacks and fever swamp allegations alike. It’s this campaign’s version of the widely-noted FightTheSmears.com from 2008. It’s never too early to start rebutting the smears...

* Brian Beutler on how the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office chief — who is not supposed to declare allegiance — has effectively endorsed Obama’s strategy to give the economy a boost.

* As Steve Benen keeps tirelessly pointing out, Obama’s basic approach is the consensus preferred by a wide variety of economists, market analysts and business leaders, but this somehow keeps getting lost in the discussion.

* As Jed Lewison notes, there’s really no percentage in the White House addressing what it will do if the House GOP hypothetically passes parts of the jobs bill, because it hasn’t happened yet and going that way steps on the larger message.

* Perry bags a big endorsement in Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, which will give Perry a “major foothold in an early caucus state where Mitt Romney had been expected to dominate.”

* Elizabeth Warren will rapidly vault to frontrunner status in the Dem primary, and she’s already polling only nine points behind Scott Brown, better than any Dem rival.

* A good post on Warren from Ezra Klein, who, like me, sees her Senate run as a test for the type of running-against-the-big-banks populism that many national Dems have eschewed.

* With Dems likely to lose Anthony Weiner’s seat tonight, Politico’s Glenn Thrush counters the GOP interpretation:

Not to dismiss the NY special: But any race that includes David Weprin — for a seat that will soon disappear — is a bellwether of nuthin’

* But it does appear that some national Dem strategist types will interpret a loss as a very bad omen for 2012.

* And the incredible shrinking Michele Bachmann: She repeated the ridiculous “blank check” debt ceiling falsehood yet again last night. Remember when Bachmann’s debt ceiling demagoguery seemed to be making her a real contender? Memories.

What else is happening?