First, an update: The Senate did confirm Jack McConnell this evening, 50 to 44. So several Republicans did vote for cloture, and against final confirmation. Now, on to the good stuff:

1. Andrew Sullivan, always, on torture.

2. Ideology is a very tricky thing.

3. Sara Mayeaux reminds us that “college” is also a tricky category.

4. CBPP on the dangers to the economy in the Corker-McCaskill deficit gimmick; see, too, Jonathan Cohn on what he calls the “Big Republican Budget Lie.”

5. Why you shouldn’t put much stock in those geography students who guessed where bin Laden was — even if the original story about them had held up. Also, Steven Rubio on how we — and Mike Krukow — can’t really trust our own memories.

6. Really good stuff by Matt Yglesias about Lincoln and Paul Ryan, and from Ta-Nehisi Coates on Lincoln and Barack Obama.

7. While you’re over there, don’t miss TNC on…oh, just go read it. Now.

8. Remind me not to say something foolish that Brad DeLong gets hold of. Brutal.

9. And don’t miss Conor Friedersdorf’s invaluable list of great non-fiction writing from 2010.