Some you may have missed from last week, some from today . . .

1. Josh Putnam knows that Iowa remains important.

2. Very small legislative majorities are risky, from Seth Masket.

3. Predictions, predictions.

4. Conor Friedersdorf on Rush Limbaugh’s brilliant sliminess; more about Rush from Paul Waldman.

5. Jonathan Cohn debunks the latest health-care nonsense; Ezra Klein can’t stomach GOP health care/budget chutzpah.

6. A very good post from Gordon Adams on defense spending.

7. I’ve been meaning to get to commenting on this post, but I’ll have to just link to it: must-read by Jamelle Bouie on presidents, parties and ambition. Oh, and Bouie is absolutely correct about “politics as usual.”

8. And: Haven’t had enough of budget politics? Tim Fernholz is seeing things.

As Greg asks, what else is happening?