I’m going to start with odes to Borders from Dave Weigel and Matt Yglesias. I’d add something more: Lots of people are nostalgic for independent bookstores, and for good reason. But there were large portions of the nation, such as Phoenix when I was growing up, that were woefully underserved by independent bookstores; what we had, mostly, were incredibly lame mall chain bookstores, which had neither personality nor comfort. Also, mediocre selection. Oh, they were awful. But I suppose before there was Waldenbooks, things were even worse. So, in other words, I’ll miss Borders, too.

On to more good stuff:


2. Michael Tomasky on the difficulty of negotiating with people who place a high priority on not agreeing with you; Joe Conason on the suicide pact from House Republicans.

3. Ezra Klein explains the fuzzy line between taxes and spending.

4. Mark Blumenthal looks at the debt limit polling.

5. There are now more judicial vacancies (including announced future vacancies) than there were at the beginning of the year, Nan Aron reports. As I’ve said, it’s time to accept that the Senate deal to put off filibuster reform in exchange for more cooperation from Republicans has failed.

6. Brad DeLong laments the upending of an old John Stuart Mill truism. I guess I should pair that with Jonathan Chait, on Paul Ryan.

7. Not depressed enough? Annie Lowrey on why the debt limit showdown is already hurting the economy.

8. Weigel looks at three key players in the GOP presidential nomination contest.

9. I’m from Arizona, but not always as proud of that as I’d like to be. Adam Serwer reminds me and everyone else why.

10. And I missed this earlier in the week, but Alyssa Rosenberg explains ladies to Allan West.

Enjoy the weekend!