Do we really have to read a week of junk about where Members of Congress are going to sit during Barack Obama’s speech? Hey, reporters: if you ask them about it, that’s what they’re going to talk about. If you ask them about policy, they’ll talk about policy.

On to the good stuff:

1. Stephen Stromberg is certainly right about yesterday’s big fight over the time of the president’s speech.

2. Rick Perry and immigration (and Jim DeMint), from Ed Kilgore.

3. Sarah Kliff explains why an ACA provision taking effect now is all about the regulators; Ezra Klein on the future of ACA. Austin Frakt adds complexity to the mix.

4. Jared Bernstein on the recovery act. You know, the one that worked. By the way; what, if any, if the GOP theory for why GDP growth improved dramatically from winter 2008-2009 to summer 2009? I know the GOP theory for why growth stagnated after that (federal budget deficits), and right or wrong at least it has some surface plausibility. But what do they claim caused the turnaround that happened in spring 2009?

5. Neil Sinhababu on trusting scientists.

6. Joseph Stiglitz on the cost of September 11 – but I’m not sure one can claim that Iraq was unconnected to those attacks and still credit that spending to al Qaida. It’s a good article, but I think he’s mostly talking about the cost of George W. Bush.

7. Nothing like a little Joe Lieberman bashing, from Steve Benen.

8. And Tom Nawrocki has the Top Five Episodes of “Columbo” As Ranked by the Murderer’s Hair. Alas, no comments on Banacek’s hair, or McMillan’s sideburns.