Every reporter covering candidates for White House 2000 or any other election (and those who aren’t reporters) should read Amy Sullivan’s excellent advice about covering religion and politicians. Especially those reporters who either have little religious background themselves or who mistakenly believe that their own religious background is the norm. I think what lots of people miss is just how different various traditions can be, which means that different people have very different relationships with their religion. It’s also the case that religion may or may not reveal important things about a candidate. Anyway, regardless of my ramblings, read Sullivan’s article.

More good stuff:

1. Congressional elections are collectively extremely important and under-covered, so I’m always happy to see exceptions, such as WNYC’s efforts, which includes Nicolas Mendoza on the New Hampshire House races.

2. Will Wilkinson says that Ron Paul is bad for the libertarians. Also, Dave Weigel has been tracking Ron Paul supporters who believe in magic.

3. How the military has changed from Afghanistan, Iraq, and the rest of the last decade, from Fred Kaplan.

4. “It could leave a lasting rift between the White House and its environmental base.” Brad Plumer with a thorough look at the politics of ozone.

5. Matt Yglesias notes that the administration is missing an assistant attorney general for antitrust, properly bashes Barack Obama for it.

6. Kevin Drum on the stimulus and unemployment. Also, Jonathan Chait is excellent on liberals, Obama and the stimulus.

7. Republicans are attacking voting, reports Ari Berman.

8. And enjoy your Labor Day Weekend – and perhaps see how we spend our time differently during a recession, from Sarah Kliff.