The best evidence for the case I made here the other day – that Republicans tend to take advantage of electoral good fortune by trying to ensure they stay in office while Democrats tend to use those opportunities to achieve substantive public policy goals – is the strange case of D.C. Statehood, totally ignored during the brief period of filibuster-proof majorities in 2009.

Also, “A Bug’s Life” is really underrated. On to the good stuff:

1. John Sides: “What’s happened to Obama is not a ‘Jewish problem.’ It’s an ‘economy problem.’

2. If you want to understand the full context for stories today about the White House staff and the Chief of Staff, you want to read Matthew Dickinson.

3. Harold Pollack talks to lobbyists about ACA implementation. Among other things: the GOP refusal to confirm executive branch appointments shifts power to lobbyists. Surprise!

4. The Economist’s D.I.A. blog had the best explanation I’ve seen on Solyndra and green jobs. Also, what MattYglesias said.

5. I hope everyone is reading Tim Noah’s new blog. Here, on crony capitalism.

6. Steve Benen notes that ACA is delivering real benefits to real people, even in these early stages.

7. You know, don’t you, that Ross Perot did not swing the 1992 election for Bill Clinton? You don’t? Steve Kornacki does, and has a good discussion of when 3rd party candidates emerge in presidential elections.

8. Joshua Tucker on Fenno’s Paradox, Congress’s record low approval numbers, and the 2012 election cycle.

9. And good to hear that The Beatles made good choices, but do we really need to hear about the World’s Most Overrated Joke Ever again?

Enjoy Constitution Day tomorrow, everyone. Whatever you believe about specific provisions of the document, it really was one of the greatest and perhaps most unlikely political triumphs ever.