For analysis of the Fed statement, start with Ezra Klein for an overview and then see Brad DeLong, Mark Thoma, and Karl Smith.

Meanwhile, start up the Shutdown clocks: the House defeated a bill to fund the government through mid-November this evening, thanks to solid Democratic opposition to pay-fors for disaster spending and Republican defectors who just don’t want to vote for government spending. This one might get interesting…

More good stuff:

1. More ACA-is-working evidence, this time by helping more young adults get insurance – perhaps almost a million of them. Aaron Carroll discusses evidence that getting insurance to the uninsured is actually very good for those already insured. And Sarah Kliff looks at health care in California.

2. Scholar of the presidency Matthew Dickinson looked at the early excerpts from the Ron Suskind book, and was underwhelmed: “the scenes Suskind describes regarding dissent in the Obama White House are neither uncommon nor nearly as problematic as he would have us believe.”

3. E.J. Dionne with a nice take on Perry, Romney, and Social Security, while Ed Kilgore looks ahead to Perry, Romney, and Florida.

4. Nate Silver has smart things to say about the 2000 election and the electoral college.

5. The great Adam Serwer has a must-read today on what Tavis Smiley and Cornell West are up to.

6. A nicely balanced piece on regulations and jobs, from Marian Wong.

7. James Fallows is exceedingly polite but nonetheless absolutely brutal to Elliott Abrams. See also Paul Waldman, who has a good point.

8. And a political scientist thinks about college football conference expansion (via the Monkey Cage)