It’s a shortened roundup going into yet another GOP debate tonight – this one from Florida, and with double the libertarianism (they invited Gary Johnson). I’ll be tweeting along, and then I’ll have a recap here later tonight, so check back in later.

On to the good stuff . . .

1. Josh Kraushaar and Jessica Taylor report on gloomy numbers for the Democrats compiled by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg.

2. Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to let go of the idea of scoring the Joint Select Committee’s plan for its effect on jobs, as Brian Beutler reports.

3. Congressional expert Sarah Binder explains about the two dozen members who are John Boehner’s worst nightmare and why “Transparency is important, except when it’s not” (and that sound you hear is Pelosi nodding in agreement).  Also, Matt Glassman thinks about how rare this kind of thing is.

4. Steve Benen is absolutely right to remind everyone about the incredibly productive historic 111th Congress, compared to a 112th that has had, shall we say, not especially ambitious goals at this point.

5. Suzy Khimm has good reporting on how the GOP talks about the Fed. Jonathan Chait adds historical perspective on Fed-bashing.

6. Everybody beat up on Matt Bai! Following up on Greg’s post earlier today, Michael Cohen argues that Republican extremism on taxes undermines their advantage on the issue. I got in on it, too, with examples from the Clinton years.

7. And Julian Sanchez has an appropriately epic post on superheroes, supervillains and earned income. See also Alyssa Rosenberg’s comments. I’ll add what I think is a related note that Horatio Alger heroes (who worked themselves up from poverty) often turned out to have actually been born to wealth, after all.