Happy that we got through this week without a government shutdown? It’s time to start preparing for the next one. Budget expert Stan Collender explains why it’s all so unnecessary. Meanwhile, Ryan Grimm has a very helpful look ahead at what might happen in the likely event that the Joint Select Committee deadlocks.

More good stuff:

1. Sarah Kliff gives three reasons why the Obama Administration wants the Supremes to rule quickly on ACA; Rick Hasen adds a fourth reason. See also Tom Goldstein.

2. David Frum notes that Tea Party Senators Mike Lee, Jim DeMint, and Rand Paul are coming to the rescue of goldbugs.

3. Matt Yglesias brings up the excellent point that we should have more doctors. In related news, health care costs are up – and as Kevin Drum points out, this explains a lot about why we’re not getting richer.

4. Good report on Obama and the CBC from Shani Hilton.

5. John Sides reviews the research on politics and economic confidence.

6. Jonathan Chait on class warfare.

7. Paul Ryan brags that supporting his Medicare plan will get you elected…but Dave Weigel notes that the facts tell a different story.

8. Ezra Klein on all the things that a third party wouldn’t solve.

9. And Ross Douthat is completely correct about baseball and market size: the Yankees probably have an advantage (although even there it’s hard to tell; it could just be that they’ve been very well run), but other than that the connection between winning and market size is small at best.