The chances that the jobs bill will command at least a majority of the Senate appear to be increasing; Felicia Sonmez reports that Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) is making happy noises about the millionaire surtax as a pay-for, after being a key opponent of previous financing ideas. If Democrats can avoid any defections, it will certainly make it more comfortable for them to blame the jobs situation on GOP obstruction.

More good stuff:

1. Excellent advice for campaign finance reporting from Kevin Collins. Also, Jonathan Robinson has all you’ll ever want to know about the effects of divisive primaries on general elections.

2. Ta-Nehisi Coates is terrific on race, Perry, Jane Austen,  and…oh, just go read it.

3. Jed Lewison is good on Rick Perry’s fundraising. My prediction? Traditional reporters’ overreaction to the importance of debates will now be balanced by traditional reporters’ overreaction to campaign finance numbers, leading to a more balanced view of Perry as still one of two solid candidates for the GOP nomination (money is in fact quite important, but still overrated).

4. Jamelle Bouie notes that Americans now officially Hate Everyone.

5. An update on the GOP war on voting, from Steve Benen. Also, a somewhat related post by Amy Friend about why you can’t trust cheap state polls.

6. The NRSC takes a shot at Claire McCaskill.

7. This seems important: Suzy Khimm covers yet another attack by a GOP member of Congress against Grover Norquist.

8. Matt Yglesias makes a very good and often overlooked point about the importance of governing to electoral politics. Really smart.

9. Placing Occupy Wall Street in context, from David Dayen.

10. And . . . huh, I didn’t know that Ralph Nader was wrong about the Corvair. This is why it’s a good thing that Timothy Noah is blogging these days.

What else is happening?