A relatively short holiday roundup today; Greg will be back tomorrow. Right to the good stuff:

1. Mike Konczal reads the “We are the 99%” Tumblr. Fascinating.

2. Greg Marx blasts the latest mindless third-party wishful thinking. Now that the GOP field is set, expect plenty more third-party chatter in the next several months. Note that it wouldn’t be a surprise if someone does take the plunge and garners plenty of attention and even a (temporary) polling surge, but odds are that will have a lot more to do with someone’s ego and the president’s general weakness than with any real constituency out there.

3. Excellent new blogs focused on the 2012 campaign cycle! Must-bookmark, rss, whatever. Over at The New Republic, there’s The Stump – here’s Alec MacGinnis on crony capitalism as an issue. And closer to home is the Washington Post’s brand-new Election2012; check out debate moderator Karen Tumulty’s excellent scene-setter on tomorrow night’s Post/Bloomberg debate.

4. Good piece by Brian Beutler about Old Pros getting nervous about US government dysfunction. The key questions, however, is whether partisans on either side will be so concerned that they would change their behavior – and whether neutral Washingtonian types will decide that one side is more guilty of it than the other and start putting pressure on that side to change.

5. Attention all: David Frum is really a Republican. Unfortunately, this will convince approximately no one, least of all current Republicans.

6. And some useful banking advice from Annie Lowrey.