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* There were some doubts about this, but Dem Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s spokesperson, Jonathan Lipman, emails that she will in fact return to the capitol to vote for the American Jobs Act tonight.

That means the vote will be at around 8:45 p.m. or later. With Jim Webb and Joe Lieberman both anouncing today that they’ll vote for cloture, I’m currently hearing that Dems think they may have 50 votes for the bill, but this is anything but certain.

* John Cole, on the folly of “moderate” Dems tilting against the jobs plan: “They have so fully bought into the GOP spin they don’t even know why they are Democrats anymore.”

* Jonathan Cohn on why getting a majority of the Senate to support the bill is so critical for Dems:

They’ll be able to say, truthfully, that the jobs bill would pass, by majority vote, if only Republicans would allow a full vote on the bill...Then at least Obama and the Democrats could point to that obstructionism during the fall election, giving the voters a clear choice about each party’s priorities.

* Kevin Drum makes a convincing case for why Dems opposing the jobs bill are “morons”:

Democrats have a chance to demonstrate a sharp, clear, popular difference with Republicans, and even then they can’t manage to stand together and look like an actual governing party. What’s more, this is basically the centrists’ dream bill: stimulus now and deficit cutting in the long term. It’s what all the folks yelling for a third party say they want. And Democrats are offering it up.

The self-described “centrists” and “moderates,” as always, are not espousing a position that can meaningfully be called ”centrist” or “moderate.”

* What’s next for the jobs bill? Sam Youngman on how White House officials are preparing for the long game.

* Indeed, the White House does seem to be embracing what Joan McCarter calls the “sabotage theory of Republican behavior.”

* Mother Jones has a nice series of charts illustrating the makeup of the top one percent, as well as the overall income inequality that Occupy Wall Street has pushed to the forefront of the debate.

* A big Eric Holder scandal? Even former GOP Congressman Bob Barr says the question of when Holder knew about “Operation Fast and Furious” is “tangential.”

* Be very afraid, Mitt, be very afraid: Herman Cain says: “I have a very penetrating question for him.”

* And please treat this as a debate open thread. Bernstein will drop in later, and he’ll be tweeting the debate right here.

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