Lots of good stuff today, so I’ll get right to it:

1. Just as polling shows that even Republicans like increasing taxes on the rich regardless of what GOP politicians say, it turns out (reports David Roberts) that new polling shows the overwhelming popularity of environmental rules that Republican politicians are mobilizing against – yes, even including Republican voters.

2. Josh Kraushaar does some good reporting on ethnic diversity among the next round of House candidates.

3. Matt Yglesias makes the excellent point that Keynesian economics is neutral with regard to the proper size of government. He doesn’t answer the interesting question of whether conservatives who disagree do so because they don’t understand economics or some other reason.

4. Lots of WH 2012: Alex Massie tackles a tough one: Mitt Romney and real vs. bogus haggis. Also Steve Benen on one of the (many) crazy things that Michele Bachmann said in last night’s debate; Dan Amira has a larger roundup of crazy things that Bachmann said, but I’m sure there were others. Paul Waldman is excellent on Newt Gingrich’s demagoguery, but Andrew Sullivan had the best Newt post today.

5. And all of this matters when? Josh Putnam has the latest on the still-evolving 2012 (or 2011) calendar.

6. Expect Barack Obama to go negative – just as he did in 2008, as John Sides reminds us.

7. A silver lining about the deadlocked Joint Select Committee? Sarah Kliff thinks she may have found one.

8. And some Wisconsin Republicans are thinking about trying to monkey with the electoral college, just as Republicans in Pennsylvania have proposed, but it’s unclear whether they have a good chance to do so, Dave Weigel reports.