Here's the best thing you can read today about the budget: The new — brought to you by the National Priorities Project and Citizens for Tax Justice. It features a running tab for how much the Bush tax cuts have contributed to federal budget deficits, plus plenty of other good information. Definitely worth the click (via Suzy Khimm).

Now, on to the good stuff:

1. A few 2012 links: Steve Kornacki on Mitt Romney’s Rush Limbaugh problem, and what it tells us about the right in Obama’s America. Also, Ed Kilgore has been listening to Anita Perry and is Fed Up (as it were) with conservative Christians playing the “Persecution Card.”

And the next Anita Perry story? Her family knows all about unemployment because their banker son had to quit his job…to work for the Perry campaign. Nice.

2. Kevin Drum explains the reasons why the economy boomed in the 1980s. The Reagan tax cuts? They helped, but they’re nowhere near the top of the list.

Bonus Drum: A terrific takedown of the media’s refusal to report accurately on GOP filibusters, and why this failing skews the discourse in the GOP’s favor. Deeply depressing. Also: James Fallows is the one who kicked off this latest round of (accurate) media bashing.

3. Ezra Klein takes us on a trip to Earth 2 and imagines what constructive Republicans would actually sound like if they really had an interest in creating jobs.

4. Back here on this earth, we get nonstop nonsense about “uncertainty.” See Noah Krisula-Green’s takedown of the latest in “economic chutzpah.”

5. As Steve Benen keeps rightly asking, what will it take for the political-media establishment to appreciate what’s really going on here? Also see Jed Lewison on this.

6. You’ll be startled to hear that the conservative media is getting virtually everything wrong, wrong, wrong about Occupy Wall Street: Ben Adler documents all the wrongness, and there’s a lot of it.

7. Remember all those folks who said that repealing don’t ask don’t tell would destroy the military? Tom Ricks wonders whether we’re going to hear from them, now that they’ve been proven spectacularly wrong.

Or, as Andrew Sullivan puts it: “Now that DADT is over, can the hysterics who warned it would destroy the military concede they were wrong?”

Of course not. Their “warnings” were not sincere; they were meant to prevent us from finding out that repealing DADT wouldn’t result in catastrophe and that the military could in fact integrate without widespread problems.

8. Lots of chortling on the right today about the death of the CLASS act. HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius explains.

9. You aren’t supposed to suggest in polite company that the stimulus may have worked, but Arloc Sherman reports that it was responsible for keeping 6 million Americans out of poverty.

10. Erik Wemple on the Kendra Marr mess at Politico and what it says about Politico’s culture.

11. It’s really good to have Rod Dreher blogging again. Here he is earlier in the week on the complexities of meritocracy.

12. And when Fox News sees the need to actually apologize for its distortions about Obama, you can be sure that we’re talking about some seriously dishonest reporting.

What else is happening?