* Some smart points from Chris Cillizza on what the newly populist Obama can learn from John Edwards’s trailblazing “two Americas” speech.

* News orgs still won’t report on whether the respective jobs plans offered by the two parties would actually create jobs, even though you could not possibly pose a question that’s more central to the debate than that one.

* Jonathan Cohn says what must not be said in polite company: Economists don’t think the GOP jobs plans would ... create jobs amid a severe economic crisis.

* CNN is making a great deal of its new poll’s finding that 63 percent think Obama’s policies “will fail,” but people weren’t asked why they thought this (bad policy, or GOP obstructionism?), so we aren’t really being told the whole story here.

In fairness, though, that number is a good indicator of public pessimism, which will likely end up costing Obama.

* And: The internals of the CNN poll also show (again) broad majority support for the provisions in Obama’s jobs plan, and for tax hikes on millionaires.

* It looks like Senate Republicans this week will vote down the Obama/Dem push for $35 billion in state aid to avert teacher and firefighter layoffs, and Dems seem determined to make Republicans oppose the bill piece by piece..

* Rachel Maddow and company flag a photo that perfectly captures the union battle in Ohio, and the larger battle for blue collar whites that continues to unfold in key swing states.

* That must-see photo of Mitt Romney (R-1 percent). Also note Jonathan Capehart’s jibe: “Romney photo the Bain of his existence.”

* Jennifer Rubin on Herman Cain’s very own Enron-like scandal.

* Gallup finds a record high 50 percent say marijuana should be legal, up (fascinatingly) from a meager 12 percent when Gallup first starting asking the question in 1969.

* Laura Clawson has more on the headway Occupy Wall Street is making among blue collar whites, noting that it may be a function of the movement lacking a specific agenda.

* Also: Harold Meyerson on why we should be optimistic that working class whites and liberal activists may be overcoming their traditional cultural divide this time around.

* And the tiny Economic Policy Institute finally earns a coveted spot alongside ACORN and NPR in the elite liberal cabal conspiring to undermine America.

What else is happening?