1. Your must-read for today: Michael Cohen takes on Leon Panetta. A strong case that he’s the wrong Democrat for the job.

2. Andrew Sprung is right: Barack Obama will likely be judged on results, not rhetoric – but at any rate, the rhetoric he’s using now seems popular among those he’s targeting. Or, as Jonathan Chait puts it in an excellent, detailed post: “We crave stories about presidents as masters of their fate. But the reality is far less satisfying than that.”

3. Brad Plumer on how Congress shapes your commute.

4. A good update on the state of judicial nominations from Al Kamen. Jamelle Bouie is harsh but correct that if Obama is defeated, a lot of the results in the judiciary will be “because of Obama’s neglect” of this important part of the presidency.

5. Document overclassification and its consequences — an excellent survey by Jennifer Lynch and Trevor Timm (via Julian Sanchez).

6. Digby makes the good point that Mitt Romney is nuts to venture beyond repealing Obamacare, and could really be opening himself up to attacks by suggesting moving seniors into managed care. Igor Volsky has the details. Also, Adam Serwer on Herman Cain’s disaster over trading hostages. Volsky again, on Rick Santorum’s attempt to shift the campaign to his ground by attacking contraception. And Matt Glassman fact checks Newt on the Northwest Ordinance.

7. New polling has good news for labor in Ohio, where liberals are trying to repeal Governor John Kasich’s anti-union SB 5. It’s on the November ballot there.

8. Brutal piece from Dahlia Lithwick about the latest from Justices Thomas and Scalia.

9. Matt Yglesias on Jon Huntsman and fighting “mythical Obama administration initiatives.” Kevin Drum agrees.

10. Sarah Kliff has post-CLASS ideas for what remains a huge problem: long-term care.

11. And more on that Republican audience gaffe, from Steve Benen.