1. Jonathan Cohn has an important post on ACA, the Bush tax cuts, and Republican selective outrage.

2. Liberals are really not very happy about what the Democrats on the Joint Select Committee have offered, reports Felicia Sonmez.

3. Monica Potts looks at Barack Obama’s student loan initiative. Verdict? Not good enough.

4. Brad Plumer looks into the question of whether regulation should be countercyclical.

5. A very helpful update on Congressional redistricting from Aaron Blake.

6. Seth Masket has some interesting thoughts on money in politics.

7. And see Jamelle Bouie’s response about “broaden[ing] the base for donations… A $1 billion campaign funded by 10 million people is much preferable to a smaller campaign ($200 million) with fewer donors.”

8. High schoolers in Lowell, Massachusetts are pressing for lowering the voting age; Sally Kohn reports (but only to 17? Should be lower, I say).

9. Steve Kornacki is worried that Mitt Romney is taking the fun out of New Hampshire.

10. Conservatives don’t want to accept Romney because they think this time it’s finally their big chance to win it all, says Jonathan Chait.

11. Andrew Sprung on Obama as the Good Bush Son.

12. Recommended regular feature: from the Monkey Cage, Jonathan Robinson’s “This Week in Political Science.”

13. Timothy Noah notes that someone in the Pentagon is anti-euphemism, and wonders what the successor to the Reaper drone (which is the successor to the Predator) will be named. I hate to say it, but the best answer is unfortunately “Reavers.”

14. Ben Smith has the video of the day. As Taegan Goddard says, “When will politicians learn not to use stock photography?”

15. For the weekend: “The 8 progressive media brains zombies would love.”

16. And David Schoenfield has a very nice look at the history of World Series Game Sevens. He underrates 1924, however; four outs of Randy Johnson in relief may have been great, but it’s not up there with Walter Johnson coming in the 9th and pitching four shutout innings to give the Senators the win. As a Giants fan, I’m still bitter about it. Good luck to the Cardinals and Rangers!