* This could break the dam: One of Herman Cain’s accusers is calling on the National Restaurant Association to release her from confidentiality so she can tell her side of the story.

* Clip and save: A comprehensive, reader-friendly guide to all of Cain’s shifting responses to the allegations.

* A bit of good news on the Obama infrastructure jobs bill: A spokesperson for Jon Tester, one of the moderates who opposed the overall jobs act and was reported to be undecided on this week’s infrastructure vote, emails:

Sen. Tester wants to take a look at the bill but plans to vote for cloture.

Senator Nelson?

* Brad Plumer sets the record straight: Yes, America’s infrastructure needs a serious upgrade.

* Steve Benen reminds us of this tangentially relevant quote from Paul Ryan: “obviously infrastructure does create jobs. I don’t think you can really deny that.”

* Smart post from Stephen Stromberg detailing Mitt Romney’s climate change straddle: He’s avoiding outright climate change denial while simultaneously implying (wink, nudge) that belief in climate science just might be a matter of faith.

* Rant of the day: Jared Bernstein’s primal scream for sanity, and an end to false equivalence, in our economic discourse.

* Katrina vanden Heuvel on why the supercomittee should dispand and go home unless it can figure out a way to put jobs first. Jobs first. Period.

* Ed Morissey had a funny response to Michael Gerson’s claim that Mitt Romney’s history of ideological inconsistencies might force him to be more reliably conservative as president:

Since when has a history of political expediency been a good indicator of future principled stands?

Moral of the story: Conservatives aren’t going to buy the conservative case for Romney unless they have absolutely have to.

* Jennifer Rubin has the anti-Cain conservative view of the Herman Cain racial vicitimization narrative’s real meaning: Some GOPers really don’t want to let go of the dream of Obama getting defeated by a black conservative who spews contempt for liberalism.

* Lonely crusade of the day: Dem Rep. Jerrold Nadler was the only Dem to venture out on the House floor today to point out that reaffirming “in God we trust” wasn’t exactly a glaring national necessity.

* And your sorely needed Tuesday comic relief: Notorious Nazi impersonator Richard Iott is back in business with the maximum contribution to John Boehner’s political action committee. Eric Cantor, for one, roundly denounced Iott the last time he surfaced.

What else is happening?