1. Mike Konczal has a comprehensive explanation what we should be looking for – and aren’t getting – in the monthly job report.

2. I fully agree with Ari Berman about the importance of massive cuts in government employment.

3. See also Dean Baker’s take on the employment numbers.

4. How does money affect elections, anyway? Not as much as you might think, explain Joshua Tucker and Andrew Therriault.

5. Andrew Sullivan debuts an excellent new feature at The Dish with a summary of the (incredibly weak) case that Freddie and Fannie caused the financial crisis. Verdict: the GSEs real misbehavior had very little to do with the financial crisis.

6. How Paul Ryan lives in a pretend world of a Ryan health care plan, nicely explained by Jonathan Chait.

7. Mitt Romney’s attack on family planning goes well beyond where even House Republicans are going so far. Sarah Kliff explains.

8. Don’t miss James Fallows on press coverage and filibusters.

9. E.J. Graff brings the science on boy/girl differences in learning.

10. My weekend reading? Ezra Klein’s can’t miss review of Ron Suskind’s Confidence Men.

11. A War on Voting update from Amy Fried in Maine: Dirty Politics in a Clean Politics State.

12. I’m a big fan of Erik Loomis’s fun series of Most Prominent Politicians by state. His Tennessee list is good, but I think he seriously underrates Howard Baker and overrates Estes Kefauver – I might just flip them.

13. Seth Masket revisits The Dark Knight post-Abbottabad.

14. And the best idea of the week is Alyssa Rosenberg’s “Wolves of Disapprobriation,” #ThreatoftheDay. Depressing that it’s needed, though.